Our Story

It all started with a passion for coffee, a popcorn machine, some engineering, and a thirst for pushing the boundaries. What’s possible when you mix a dream, passion and determination?

This is what’s possible: Kofè Coffee.

Kofe was birthed by an insatiable thirst for developing delicious coffee for all..

Aspiration, passion, determination: this is the bedrock on which we’ve built Kofè. A decade before Kofè, Chief Coffee Scientist Mitch was working as a schoolteacher in Far North Queensland. While teaching marine science and following his passion for helping people through education, he developed a keen interest in coffee. Through a series of events so intricately woven we’ll leave the details for his memoirs, this led to Mitch building his first coffee roaster with nothing but a popcorn machine and some “home engineering”. For the sake of maintaining some mystique, that’s all we’ll share about this part of our journey. Oh, and one more thing: Of course, this contraption needed a name. Behold, the birth of Frankenstein.

After playing around with Frankenstein and getting a few green beans too burnt, a few too raw, and just a handful half perfect and half raw, Mitch knew he wanted to put more into this pursuit using his scientific mind and background. He eventually put Frankenstein into retirement and bought first a sample roaster and then a 1kg roaster, unknowingly launching himself on a roasting journey that’s still unfolding today. In addition to acquiring more specialised equipment, Mitch has now learnt from some of the top roasters in Australia and has over the past decade developed an uncanny ability to find creative, mouth-watering profiles in unlikely combinations.

When you mix science and art some might say you get magic.

Mitch's technical inclinations give birth to consistency, the ability to hold on to that magic and deliver it to you repeatedly. Eight years since Mitch waved Frankenstein off into the sunset with a gold watch and gift voucher, in March 2021 Kofè has just moved into the new warehouse with our 30kg roaster and fully automated roast profiling software. Let the games begin.

Mitchell Keys


"Honestly just the fact that I get the help create joy by doing what I love with my family!! I have to pinch myself some mornings"

- Mitch