What lies behind a masterpiece? When it comes to our coffee, peel away the layers and you’ll find passion, a dedication to mastery, and a vision brought to life after years of creative and technical experimentation. At Kofè, we take our work as coffee roasters seriously. We’re building on traditional techniques with cutting-edge methods and software-based roasting technology to develop a consistent blend you can return to over and over again with no surprises.

Custom Blends

Like our house blends but want something exceptional just for your customers and clients? Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our founder and Chief Coffee Scientist, Mitch. Following a discussion about your preferred flavour profile, your brewing techniques and equipment, we’ll create a unique blend that represents your brand. You can rely on us to provide you with a bespoke coffee that gives your customers a standout experience.

Wholesale & Equipment

We’ll always have a soft spot for our signature blend, and we suspect you will too. Six years, countless attempts and numerous tweaks in the making, this is a brew that tastes of comfort and companionship, of all your favourite things. A smooth, nutty blend with hints of caramel, it’s as delightful as nibbling on a toffee chocolate while sitting by a sunlit window. It might even remind you of a certain chocolate bar with a chewy nougat-and-caramel centre, but we won’t say which.


Training & Development

Our partners have over 15 years of combined specialty coffee experience. Take this and our passion for education, and you have a team that can take your coffee skills to the next level. We don’t just teach you how to work a coffee machine to make a good coffee; we go beyond to teach you the science behind that perfect brew. This way, you’ll be able to make every single cup just the way you and your customers want it.